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Adamixoye wrote:

There’s just not a lot of control with the individual effects in Spacetime.  I’m not saying they sound bad.  I’m saying the only unique thing the algorithm brings is the routing options.  I mean, the modulation is basically a two-knob chorus.  I don’t know why I should be excited about that.  That’s not what the Eventide brand means to me. I want Eventide to continue to push in new directions, not give me something I can obtain with three 2-4 knob analog pedals.

Sort of agree with you about the new direction stuff. But if I can get a good sound with 2 knobs why do I need more knobs for basic chorus sounds? I prefer the sound of chorus in the SpaceTime of the Chorus algo in the Modfactor section.  Also the delay in the SpaceTime can do things that no other algo in the H9 does. With the feedback options. Like the rhythmic stuff I did in this video (first and third part): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgLInyYnGOI