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Thanks :]  I’ve added a GUI to my Application EXE & VST,  customizable key-mappings, and the ability to communicate with the H8000 via MIDI or Serial.   It’s coming along quicker than I expected 😀 


Questions :

Do you happen to know what KEY_UPDATE, KEY_UNIT, KEY_KILL, or KEY_KILL_HOLD can be used for?

I’m at the point where Id like to sync the H8000 Screen with a Bitmap on the App/VST, but every time I make the SYSEXC_SCREEN_WANT call, the H8000 displays a “Sent 3000 Bytes, etc.” message.   Is there a way to supress that message, or is there a better way / do you have any pointers on how I should go about doing somewhat real time screen syncronization, or do you think this aspect will always be a little bit choppy?

The manual says “At the end is two nibbles the form a 1 byte checksum.  This byte added to all the bytes including the size bytes should equal zero”  This is a little confusing, can you reword / explain a little bit better the bold part?