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Given To Fly

There is a slight, but humorous, irony that Eventide took the effects out of the rack units, put them in guitar pedals, and now people want to take the effects out of the guitar pedals and put them into rack effects. That’s ok, I like irony! 🙂

I think a one unit rack effects processor that works equally well in the studio as it does live, incorporating H9 Control and the appropriate I/O, would be a desirable product. I can not comment any further because I do not know what is possible or affordable (for Eventide). I realize you make the Eclipse, but if Eventide were to make a one space rack effects processor would the quality and capabilities exceed that of the Eclipse? I have to imagine the answer would be Yes.

I also realize this is all easier said than done and you probably thought of it 6 years ago. But you asked everyone to “speak up” so “up I spoke.” And yes, I represent everyone. 😉