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      Hello there good people. The stompbox  range is ‘studio-quality’ fantanstic. This leads to my next suggestion…Can Eventide put all their stompbox pedals in the form of small racks (like tc-electronics m-350, g-sharp) or even in 500-series modules. This will allow many small to medium recording studio owners  to have the famous names in their racks, and use the sounds in their recordings. I don’t ise my Eventides pedals for instruments. I connect them to a mixing console for processing and re-amping. I love the Evntide rack biggies, but don’t have the wonga to buy them right now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Cheers.

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      Eventide Staff

      HI – glad you like our stuff.

      We certainly think about making some small rack units, but we're not sure how many people would want them.

      If every one speaks up ….

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      and to be able to use the H9 control with it too. 

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      Given To Fly

      There is a slight, but humorous, irony that Eventide took the effects out of the rack units, put them in guitar pedals, and now people want to take the effects out of the guitar pedals and put them into rack effects. That’s ok, I like irony! 🙂

      I think a one unit rack effects processor that works equally well in the studio as it does live, incorporating H9 Control and the appropriate I/O, would be a desirable product. I can not comment any further because I do not know what is possible or affordable (for Eventide). I realize you make the Eclipse, but if Eventide were to make a one space rack effects processor would the quality and capabilities exceed that of the Eclipse? I have to imagine the answer would be Yes.

      I also realize this is all easier said than done and you probably thought of it 6 years ago. But you asked everyone to “speak up” so “up I spoke.” And yes, I represent everyone. 😉  



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      interesting question.Although Ive thought about this with a little bit of different angle,possibly related to this post here.Ive used,many times,on sessions in studios,and live-the stomp boxes. But if you arent interested in going the “h-9 Max” route or “updated eclipse” rack,I think Eventide would do real well with thier expertise to issue a full blown “pedal board” type system w/all the stomps,beyond a “h-9” box-…with an integrated control system in place, ie: loops,preset buttons-5 or 6..power supply,on/off indvidual effects blocks,ect….Ive been at the point too,where i almost bought an orville,or 7600.so lots of ways to look at it,

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