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I still have been having problems with my iPhone I got in April connecting with my H9 using H9 control via iOS. The blue tooth connection always looses connection whenever I try to audition another program within an algorithm I have or a new algorithm I don’t have. I am able to do this using the camera adapter, which means I am not usng the bluetooth. While this wokable for now, I have debating buying an H9 core to load two agorithms, sinc I am slowly working on coverting the first to an H9 max.

I had updated my phone to iOS 9.3.2 and it still not solve the problem. Yesteray I then updated to 9.3.3 and it still didn’t work.

I still need to test the bluetooh using another device, but I don’t have anything else in my house to test. I will eventually buy a bluetooth adapter for my computer so that I can use the windows versions to test with H9 unit.