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Hi Tom

It seems I’ve hit a snag on installation. First off let me say that it would be a big job to get my daw onto the internet and would prefer not to do so and I can’t seem to figure this out.

My internet comp. is Vista 32 bit.  My daw is Windows 7/64 bit running Cubase 6/64 bit. 

I have the H910 license that I can transfer to the iLok 32 bit license on the internet machine but that won’t work when moving it to the 64 bit daw… and cannot open the 64 bit iLok license on the 32 bit internet machine for transfer that way.

Wondering if there is a way around this or is that just how it goes.

I’ve given up in the past  trying to use this type of copy protection but this is one plugin I would like to get, so if there is a way around this please let me know.

I belong to the older analog guys group and find some of this stuff, almost painstaking.

Thanks,  Rick