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Ok, thanks.

Looks like I may be missing another deal because of this ilok thing. I don’t have a hardware dongle because I thought you could just transfer the license manager with a usb stick but the 64 bit manager won’t open on my 32 bit machine so I can load the license and when I take the 32 bit license mangager, with the license, to the 64 bit daw machine it says it’s incompatible and won’t open.

I’ll have to figure out what to do I guess. I know you’re trying to protect against the piracy deal and all of that, but it sure would be nice if there was an easier way to get these products without jumping through so many hoops. I know 2 others like me that don’t want to bother with ilok so there must be a lot of people that would jump right on this type of thing if it was challenge/response or something.

I’ll see what I can do but I won’t get a dongle here in time to catch the sale so I’ll be looking for a similar plugin I guess.

Thanks for all of your help.