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Hi Nick,

I have checked the PC change map in h9 control and have found that the map is not as factory. Aside from the few that I have changed, as mentioned in my original post, the rest of the map currently reads: 0:1, 1:2, 2:3. etc. It seems that according to the map, every input number should give me a preset one number higher.

This is confusing because in actual real world use, the h9 gives me the same preset number as the input number no matter what I do to the map. The h9 is completely ignoring the PC change map.

I have checked the h9 itself to see if any of my own mapped presets have been stored on the unit and they have.

Whilst this problem is awkward and confusing, I can work around it if needs be, it does not spoil my enjoyment of the h9.

Hope this helps. Andrew