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I’m also having issues updating my H9max.  I haven’t used it in about a month and a half.  Went to update it with my Iphone 6s+.  No joy.  About 10 times.  Downloaded H9 control for my Macbook Pro.  Tried via bluetooth and usb.  No joy. About 10 times.  Tried every permutation of bluetooth on/off. Cable in/out. Either I get the “can not connect”, “too many tries” message or it gets to about 42% and it stops due to “device hasn’t responded in 5 tries” or something like that.  I updated any outstanding updates on my Macbook.  I have 9.3.3 on my 6s+.  Is it time to send it in to Eventide?  I purchased this new in March or April this year.