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Given To Fly
mcvittym wrote:

I have a suggestion for the Eventide H9 – a guitar amp and speaker simulator.

The idea is that for certain types of gigs, going straight from the pedalboard into the PA system is desirable.

Being able to use a relatively compact pedal like the H9 could be very beneficial for this purpose.

I guess it could include clean and dirty channels.

Anyone else think this might fly?

You can already do this. If you are familiar with the Tech 21 Sans Amp GT-2 I would say the result is similar with the Factor pedals and the H9. The distortion algorithms (CrushStation, Sculpt) have powerful EQ sections that make running direct into a PA or interface possible. You will probably need to adjust the EQ for different PA systems. Now, if you are used to running the H9 through a tube amp you will not get the same sound running the H9 direct. The H9 is a great pedal but it is not a magic pedal. You should be able to dial in a good tone though. The Eventide “hounds” (referring to their avatars) can correct me if I’m wrong but since I got the idea from them I think what I am saying is accurate.