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Hey Tom,

First of all, thank you for your prompt reply to my question. 

My system brieflly is  x64 PC / Windows 7 / 16 Gigs ram.

I’ve made sure to enter the path exactly as suggested however, Reaper wil not recognize the plug. 

The installation of the plug went smoothly but my DAW will not find it. When putting the plug into the Reaper 

plugin folder, it finds it right away. But the caveat is, when using Native Instruments Komplete 10, the H910 plug 

crashes the NI plugin. When removing H910 from the plugin folder, NI comes back and functions wonderfully. 

I’ve tried this and several other far fetched ideas out of desperation but to no avail.

Any further suggestions from  you would be hugely appreciated as I REALLY would like to incorporate the H910 into

some of my current audio projects. 

Again, thank you my friend for your invaluable assistance in this regard,



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