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I plugged my H9 into the computer via USB to access H9 control, checked to see If everything was up to date and could see a message below a list of updates telling me that my H9 was up to date.The last update on the list was also highlighted and the number corresponded with the one that I could see at the top of the various H9 control pages. Unplugged USB.

On the H9 I accessed the RCV.MAP in the midi section and could see that the default map was the same as the map displayed on H9 control, I then duplicated the same test that I had done yesterday. I scrolled to the input Prg.no.9 and changed the preset no. to 33, I then exited system mode and sent the midi change number 9 via my controller and got prveset No.9 ( DRIVE ) I should have got 33 ( DARK CAVE ).

I have some additional information which I feel has no bearing on the problem but given that I’m new to the H9 I could be completely ignorant of something and you may see some kind of link.  

My H9 is second in a midi chain controlled by a Boss ES8, the first and only other midi device on my board is a Strymon Timeline. I only send Prg change numbers with my ES8 and have swithed CC# off, this is because I prefer to edit presets to my taste and then leave them alone, also, the Timeline thinks I’m trying to use the looper if I don’t switch the CC# off. I have no problems with the Timeline, it  behaves the way it should when recieving a midi Prg.change no.

I hope this helps, Andrew.