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mturner wrote:

With H9 Control, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to copy presets from one list to another. I have to load my master list on to the pedal and then create a new show list, select edit, and then copy presets back from the pedal.  This is very inefficient.


You can copy presets from one list to another in H9 Control. The quickest way to do this is in the preset list overview screen (not the Edit List screen) click on a preset to select it and use CTRL-C on Windows or CMD-C on Mac to copy it. Then, go to the list you want to paste it to, select the preset position you want to paste it to, and use CTLR-V on Windows or CMD-V on Mac to paste it.


mturner wrote:

I ceate presets for specific songs. With FactorLib, all I had to do was know the name of a song to find the preset. With H9 Control, I have to know which algorithm is used fpr the song in order to find the preset since I can only see presets for teh selcted algorithm when building a list. That is about the most unfriendly way I've ever seen to organize data.  


We've talked about adding a way to see just your user presets and adding a way to see favorited presets.  This should solve the problem you're describing… Although for now, you could as before create a master list with your favorite presets.