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Admittedly, I do not know if polyphonic is the right word.  I just used Google to search for it and is says – capable of producing more than one note at a time.  That seems right.  

In my post at least, I also used the word tracking, i.e., playing an A and having the third come out as a C and the fifth come out as a E.  

Regardless of words, what I think the improvement should be is that when you have a pitch shifter on and you play a chord, it should accurately pitch shift all of the notes.  It should not be jsut a jumbled mess.  When you bend a string, it should accurately pitch shift with your bend.  Etc.  

I just think the H9 is a bit lacking in how accurately pitch shifting ocurrs.  (Of course, IMO, if you compare features of what the pedal can do with the pitch shifting, I think it out performs all others, but the act of pitch shifting itself seems a bit weak.  That is why I was saying if this was improved as a general matter, it could likely be implemented to improve all the pitch-related algos.)


“I would like to turn it back to you and ask you to define what you think it means, how you think we are using it incorrectly, whether or not EHX uses it correctly, etc.” – no offense, but this is kind of foolish.  

With that said, I would like to turn it back to all of the H9 community and ask you to define what you think galluses means, how you think it is used appropriately in modern conversation, and whether EHX is uses it correctly, if at all, etc. [i.e., make up your own questions and provide your responses to us].