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Yes, I agree, that sometimes, even at a minimum setting, the effect is too much.  While I have not investigated this, perhpaps it could be made more subtle by using parallel routing?  

The moderator explained above that for some effects, the mix cannot be changed to zero.  While I get that for some effects to work, the input to the effect cannot be zero, but it would still be nice to be able to change the amount the effect is mixed back into the signal.  Maybe it is a pre / post routing issue?  

Not to complain too much, but I get the fact that most mod pedlas do not have mix pots.  However, 1. the H9 is not supposed to be “most pedals”; 2. wouldn’t it be somewhat of an easy fix to add a mix at the end of the processing; 3. my vintage small stone is much more organic than the H9 phaser, so give me some reason to use the H9 phaser.