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gkellum wrote:
mwe wrote:

I think H9 can be set to output a CC message that corresponds to the expression pedal but I haven't personally tried that. I have set one up to output CC messages using aux switches and that works great.

Yes, this should work.  There's a program change transmit map and a MIDI CC transmit map.  Neither of these two maps are in H9 Control though, but if you go through the MIDI preferences on the H9 itself when it's in system mode, you'll see them there.

Thanks for this info…I have been trying to find these maps and settings in the H9 control app to no avail:-)
My question…can the H9 be set to transmit the values of any parameter assigned to transmit a CC upon a preset load?
I love the H9 iPad app and thankfully I learned that multiple H9’s can be controlled simultaneously using an iPad, CCK and a USB hub connecting everybody together.

I setup a MIDI knob controller for tactile control of my H9’s and along with wired stability I am finally getting an Eventide effects processor experience! It would be terrific to have the H9’s update the endless encoder led rings when I load a new preset.