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awin1805 wrote:

8:8, 9:32, 10:33. This is very confusing. 8:8 is consistant with the problem thet I'd been having, yet, 9:32, and 10:33 are more understanable in MIDI terms.

Ok, this is good news.  That means it's an off by one error.  If you want the H9 to load preset 32 when you're sending MIDI program change "9" to it, you need to enter that as 8 in H9 Control or on the H9.  You just subtract one from the program change number.

I ran into this same problem when I was trying to reproduce your problem.  I was using a program called Max and I was typing in values like 1, 2, 3… but what it actually was sending was 0, 1, 2 and so on…  Some programs start numbering program change messages from 1 whereas others number from 0.  It's more user friendly to number from 1 because presets usually start at 1.  But the actual bits of the messages start from 0.