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Sassanova wrote:
I’m newer to MIDI connectivity on pedalboards. I have an H9 and a couple pedals on the way with MIDI functionality (Chasebliss Varped Vinyl MKII, Empress Phaser, and a Chasebliss modified MIDI box). Can I use the H9 as a main brain for all my program changes? For example, can I set the presets on my H9 to also change the Varped Vinyl and Phaser to different settings? Is this possible or would I need a separate midi controller (ie- Disaster Area) to use as a main brain? Also, would the expression pedal information translate from the H9 to the other 2 pedals?


Mine is working pretty darn good. I use a 3 channel EVH 5150 III and Voodoo Labs GCP/GCX. I run from the GCP into the GCX, GCX to the H9, H9 to a Control Switcher via Midi. I can use my GCP to control my amp channels plus assign H9 presets to each channel on my GCP. It is very cool. Before I was tap dancing during gigs between my GCP, Amp Footswitch, and H9.

The trick is going into the setup mode on the H9 and changing the Mide to “Thru” to control other Midi devices. It comes from the factory default “Thru off”…..at leas it was on mine.