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kinswood wrote:

I appreciate the advice. I'm an old-school guy  and get overwhelmed easily by technology. I'd like to buy the right thing the first time if possible. I'm looking for something for live performance, something to replace my chorus, flanger, delay pedals for example. Are the H9 pedals set up to easily switch between your favorite presets during live performance?  I'd love to find great, meat and potatoes sounds. Thank you!!

BMW-KTM gave some great tips above.  I thought it would be good to explain how preset loading on the H9 itself works.

The H9 has two footswitches.  The right footswitch advances up through the presets.  A preset is in pending mode until you press the left footswitch to activate it.  You can press the big, black wheel in the center of the H9 to flip the right footswitch from incrementing to decrementing.  So, you can use that to go down in a list.

You can also use your hands to press the preset switch on the H9 and use the big, black wheel to scroll to any arbitrary preset.

You can limit the preset range of the H9 as well.  If you're only using half a dozen presets, you can set it to scroll through only these half a dozen presets.  So, when you get to the last preset it will wrap around and come to the first preset again.

Some people are perfectly happy with just using the footswitches on the H9 to load presets, but the more content you have on the H9 the more you might want to consider other options that allow you to easily go up or down or to load specific presets.  BMW-KTM already talked a bit about how MIDI or an iPad are good options for loading presets.  Another option would be to use an aux switch.  You can get a 3 button DigiTech FS3X for around $40, and you can easily set that up to increment and decrement through a preset list.  Barn 3 also makes a really nice 2 button aux switch that sits flush against the H9: http://www.barn3.com/shop/ox9