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Grigg Haws wrote:

I struggled with the same thing. No autoload on the buttons/footswitches.

I bought a Digitech FS 3x  and a longish TRS cable. 

Now I can mount the H-9 where ever I want on my board and just leave the FS3x on one side or the other on the floor.  And the FS3X will auto load. one of the options is increment or De increment on the buttons, and autoload or just up and down then confirm.  I am used to not having the confirm function myself and was elated to find this,  Then I have the other button on the FS3x as the tap tempo. 

I’m pretty happy at this point,   My other option was going to be to attach a piece of stiff foam to the large button/wheel and use it to access it with my foot.    I hope this helps


I am having the same issue, I can’t stand having to hit the active button after scrolling to a preset. I bought the Barn3 OX9, which works great, but you still have to hit the damn active switch, and in the middle of a song, this can make or brake a transition.

How do you set the FS 3x to autoload, is it a setting in the H9, or the FS 3x, or is it the default?