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Ok so after more testing it appears as though when the H9 is bypassed and in Kill Dry and bypass mode set to Relay, it still sends a dry signal through from the H9’s Input to Output. Effectivley adding more volume to the signal. I tested this via the Dry Mute button on my RJM Mini Line Mixer. When this is enabled on the MLM, all you should here is the effected signal and none of the main dry signal. As stated before, I can hear dry guitar signal coming through when the H9 is bypassed and in Kill Dry and Bypass mode Relay. When I turn on the H9 (while still having the MLM Dry mute button engadged) all I can hear is the effect signal and NO dry, as it should be. I assume this makes sence given the nature of the Relay option. But I can’t seem to find anywhere in the manual that states that when in Kill Dry, Relay Bypass effectivly defeats the Kill Dry option. Or is there something am doing wrong? Or should I just assume this? haha I hope all that makes sence!!