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rodneyt58 wrote:
I recently updated IOS on iPad to 9.3.4 Connection to H9Max Bluetooth connectivity drops and have to go back an re- establish a connection to the H9max. I've only had this unit 2 weeks. Help Please fix. The H9 Max has current update on all Algorithm.

Alright, here are a few questions.  What model iPad do you have (iPad Air, iPad Pro etc)?  Did this first start happening after your updated your iPad to iOS 9.3.4, and everything was working fine before?  Do you have any other iOS devices, and if so, does this happen with those devices?

When you say the Bluetooth connectivity drops, I think that means that you have to go into Apple's Settings app, go to Bluetooth Settings, and then reconnect the H9 via Bluetooth there.  This is what's happening?  Or are you seeing communication errors in the app?  Are you doing anything specifically before this happens, or does it seem to happen at random times?