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Given To Fly

Three reasons:

– Line Level settings on Factor/Space pedals

– You already have 75% of the algorithms and resale value on Factor pedals is not great.

– Theoretically, the H9 can do it all but for some reason, this does not translate to practical applications as well as you might think. Perhaps a more organized mind with a thorough knowledge of MIDI would disagree.

With that said, the H9 really is an incredible pedal. I would compare it to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. It is too big and too complex to take in all at once yet somehow it’s easy to find your way around and never get lost. Out of all the guitar products using Bluetooth, Eventide is still the only company that successfully made it work. H9 Control simplifies the user experience whereas other companies complicate the user experience which leaves the user disenchanted. (You should not need an iPhone to use your practice amp!)  I use my H9 as my “front of amp” pedal which works quite well. Overall, there are no winners or losers here. yes