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nickrose wrote:

It obviously could be a hardware fault, but is more likely to be a settings issue, maybe associated with your recent update.

All users are recommended to do a system reset after an update to make sure that everything is in sync. It sounds like yours is not.

A system reset is one option, but people don’t like to lose their settings.

The other option is to go through every relevant setting and make sure it is correct.


Thank you for the prompt reply!  

As mentioned, I haven’t messed with any of the expression/aux settings before this issue came up, but I have played with various settings in there to see if something would trigger it to work again, but no luck.  I also didn’t want to have to deal with a full system reset if not necessary, but it sounds like that would be the best place to start.  I’d be really surprised if it were a hardware issue, but stranger things have certainly happened (even though I’m praying it’s not the cause).  

I assume that upon resetting the H9 I should go to “restore purchases” to get it to return to an H9 Max, or has it already been branded that way since originally updated

I’ll give this a try later on and report back.  With luck it’ll take care of the issue and if anyone else happens to have the same problem down the road then hopefully this post will be helpful.