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Eventide Staff

Hi there! It sounds like you have the ‘Sag’ knob in crushtation turned up. The Sag knob is supposed to emulate a bad tube or a dead battery. You could also have your ‘Gate’ turned on. You can toggle the gate in and off by pressing the ‘Tap’ stompbox and the ‘Preset’ button simoultaneously. 

In terms of your volume issue, since it is a distortion algorithm, it will naturally output more volume. You can fix this by lowering the output level on your H9 by holding down the left stompbox ‘Active’ and scrolling down the hotknob when the output indicator appears on the screen. 

We still love to get more information as to why you are having these issues. Is there anyway you could give us a bit more detail? Which presets did these issuues become present in ‘Sculpt’ and ‘Crushstation’? What is your Rig? And if there is anyway for you to be able to take a video of the issue just so we can have a better understanding.

As for right now, I would try turning the Sag and the Gate off on Crushstation.


Hope this helps!