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Hello again,

floresp640,BMW-KTM and Marcel thank you so much for your help and input. I am very grateful !!!

floresp640 you were spot on. Both  the “Gate” and “SAG” settings were the main issues. I was used to just selecting a preset and getting such clean, beautiful sounds without having to mess with any of the controls and when I came CrushStaion and Sculpt it sounded so terrible I could only think there was a problem with the electronics. Thank you so much. I’m a happy camper now. I guess I need to spend more time turning the control knobs and learning what they do. Thanks again. Problem solved!

I’m still learning this incredible little box. Also how to play guitar as well. I would never want to put anyone through the pain of hearing any sounds that my deformed fingers would conjure up so to answer your question, I have an American Delux Fat Strat feeding into the H9 Max then connected to a Crate GLX30 Amp.

Best Regards