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Marcel wrote:
1. You don't know what you import: is it a preset and or a preset list? I wanted to import lists, so I made calculated guesses by the size of the files, so it was guesswork, which is not ideal. I did however manage to import a few lists with some very nice presets in it. 🙂


We're working on an online preset sharing service that can be accessed through the website, and that should help with this sort of problem.  


Marcel wrote:
2. One of the lists (cant remember which) contained presets which had every value in every preset set to zero. Weird.


There have been several versions of the preset format, and older versions cannot always be imported correctly.


Marcel wrote:
3. H9 Control asks, when importing, for which device they are for: TimeFactor, Pitchfactor, etc, etc. Sometimes the presets are in a map in Dropbox which tells you, but there is a lot of stuff (is my impression) where I haven't got a clue.


Right, replacing Dropbox with a better online service will solve this problem.


Marcel wrote:
4. When importing presets I often read in the H9 Control screen that there are presets imported. But where can I find them??? They are placed somewhere……


After you drag and drop a preset file onto H9 Control, the popup dialog has a button labelled 'Report' that tells you what presets were imported for what algorithm, or if lists were imported, what the name of the lists were…


Marcel wrote:
Is it handy for me to google FactorLib and install it? Is FactorLib better equiped to overcome the difficulties I experience? I want to add that I am really happy that I can participate in the Shared folder! 🙂 And nothing is perfect.


I don't know if FactorLib would help with any of the problems you described. We'd be happy to send you links to the last builds of FactorLib if you email support@eventide.com, but there's no guarantee it will work on recent OS versions particularly if you have a Mac.