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Tim Zurowski
wedelich wrote:

Just to be sure we’re on the same page, “monophonic” doesn’t refer to mono or single channel, rather it means that the algorithms do their pitchshifting, or pitchtracking to create a synth voice, on monophonic or single note material (as opposed to chords).  Most of the algorithms in Pitchfactor do stereo effects when hooked up in stereo.  The exception is Octaver, which pointed out above, is dual mono.  

Thanks . . . . got it 🙂 I thought he was referring to mono. I didn’t relate it to Monophonic and polyphonic.

My pedal arrived today and I have downloaded the Control software, updated the firmware and loaded in my coupon algortihm (I chose Diatonic). The harmony tracking is about the same as my HarmonyMan pedal, but I do miss the harmonies being split into stereo. A suggestion for a future update would be to add a pan control for each harmony so that the user could pan as desired and save it in the preset 😉 Another feature the HarmonhMan had that was useful was you could hold down one pedal and hit a note to quickly change the harmony key. This was very useful at gigs. Is there anything ike this in the H9, or do we have to bend down and go into the mix paramters to change the key as needed?

Anyway, I am initally impressed with the quality and depth of this pedal, and will now be spending many hours diving in to learn the depth of it.