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gkellum wrote:

Paquette wrote:

H9 control stopped communicating with the pedal this morning. I changed the cable, I changed the USB port and I even tried with a different computer.

So, when you connect H9 Control to your pedal, it’s unable to connect to the pedal immediately?  Or do you see Communication Error messages when you are trying to do specific things with H9 Control and your pedal?  Was the behavior exactly the same on the other computer?

It’s quite odd that you would be able to update the pedal but not use H9 Control.


Hi, thanks for the quick response, I have more information perhaps it will help troubleshoot.

I restored the factory settings (Encoder+RIGHT footswitch) and I still wasn’t able to connect with H9 Control, but the Updater works just fine. So I tried restoring the factory presets AND system settings (Encoder+MIDDLE footswitch) and then I was able to communicate with device once again with H9 Control.

So after I pushed my presets back from the computer to the pedal, I closed the software, removed the USB cable and played with the pedal to make sure everything is fine. I tried reconnecting and it failed.

So long story short, it seems like the presets are messing with the communication to H9 Control for some reason.

Now to answer your questions, I see the error message as soon as H9 Control starts. The behavior was exactly the same on both computers.

I’ll continue to troubleshoot..