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Tim Zurowski wrote:

Another feature the HarmonhMan had that was useful was you could hold down one pedal and hit a note to quickly change the harmony key. This was very useful at gigs. Is there anything ike this in the H9, or do we have to bend down and go into the mix paramters to change the key as needed?

The PitchFactor's middle footswitch on a lot of the PitchFactor algorithms puts it in learn mode where you can do this.  The H9 only has two footswitches of course, but you can get an aux switch an assign that function to an aux switch.  This middle footswitch is particularly important for PitchFactor algorithms, and as that seems to be what you're most interested in, you should consider that.  The Digitech FSX3 is a reasonably priced 3 button aux switch.  The Barn3 OX9 is also worth checking out (http://www.barn3.com/new-page-1); it sits flush with the H9 and it allows you to plug an expression pedal into it as well.  So, you can either use one switch with an external expression pedal, or you can use both switches without an expression pedal.