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I talked to my colleague, Nick, about your problem.  He wrote the following:

On Windows, the pedals are completely standard MIDI devices, and will work like any other unless they have a hardware fault.


I would ask that they go into Device Manager and confirm that the pedal shows up under “Sound, video and game controllers” as either “<name> Pedal” (Win7 and above), or “USB Audio Device” (WinXP). In particular state whether it has a colored mark with a ? or ! beside its name.  


Disconnect ALL other MIDI devices and any unused USB devices and see if this changes anything.


Close ALL other MIDI-capable applications.


If they have any other MIDI software, see if this will connect to the pedal when this problem occurs, but keep them closed at all other times.


It's possible to connect to H9Control via MIDI instead of USB. If you have a MIDI interface handy, it might be worthwhile to try connecting the TimeFactor via MIDI to see if the same problem occurs.