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amonwong wrote:

my question is simple really. Is it possible to have the FREEZE Function on the H9 Right Footswitch? Right now, it's currently doing Tap Tempo. I want to use the Blackhole algorithm and use the Freeze function on the right footswitch. Does this explain things better? 

No, it's not possible to have the Freeze function the H9's right footswitch.  

You do have some other options though.  Freeze isn't actually a performance switch function;  Blackhole goes into Freeze mode when Feedback goes to its maximum value, which is parameter 9.  You could assign parameter 9 to be controlled by a MIDI CC message or an aux switch so that when the switch is pressed parameter 9 goes to its max value which would put Blackhole in Freeze.  If you click on the Pedal button in H9 Control's bottom menubar, go to MIDI Settings, and go to 'Assign MIDI CC messages to pedal functions', you'll see the various options there for assigning things to MIDI CC messages.