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skydog wrote:


Thank you. Pressing all the buttons several times worked. The H9 Max has turned on twice. What could have been the cause? Do these buttons need maintenance? 



No, the buttons don't need maintenance, and this is not a problem we hear about often. As I mentioned, about a half a dozen people have had their encoders get stuck, but that's pretty straight forward to get unstuck.


I wouldn't expect this to be an ongoing problem for you going forward, but if it happens again, you'll know what to do. If it happens repeatedly contact support@eventide.com and they'll help you if there's a mechanical issue that needs to be resolved.


skydog wrote:


Now that the emergency is over, what is the simplest method to make both of my H9 devices identical (presets occupying the same address)? Should I simply create a complete backup with one unit, and then use this backup to restore the second?



Well, I would copy the presets off of one device to a local preset list in H9 Control. Then, I'd save that list to the other device.  You could also sync the two with MIDI sysex messages but that's a bit more fiddily and possibly more error prone.