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Tim Zurowski wrote:

1)  I can't see it said anywhere if the pedal is USB2 or just the older USB?

I just asked one of the hardware designers.  He couldn't remember.  Is there any particular reason you're asking?

Tim Zurowski wrote:

2) Is there any way to change or reduce the font for the preset names? For example when I first set up my presets for the CrushStation, I named them Crush1, Crush2, Crush3, etc. But the pedal cannot display that many characters. If we could make the font smaller, or allow more of the display window to be used, it would be helpful.

You mean on the H9 itself?  It doesn't have a display with pixels that supports different fonts or sizes.  It's a sixteen segment display:


The reason we use these is that they are the only displays that are bright enough to still be readable outside in sunlight. 

Tim Zurowski wrote:

Is there any way to globally delete presets; i.e. shift click to select a group and then delete? I have set my H9 for about 12 of my own presets, but when I use the H9 control to arrange or delete them, it keeps adding all the original built in presets to the mix and really slows it down and makes the process cumbersome. I want to get rid of all the factory presets from my preset list. Is there any way around this?

No, there's not a mechanism for deleting presets.  What you could do though is create a new preset list with just the 12 presets you use, make whatever changes or modifications you want to that list, and save changes to that to your H9.