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Tim Zurowski wrote:

3) I did create a new preset list with my 12 presets, and I have set the H9 to only scroll through those 12 presets; however, when I view that specific preset list in the control software, it still lists all of the factopry prests after my 12. Plus, when I delete one of my 12 presets, it still goes through all 99 presets to shift them because one has been removed. I would like to be able to manipulate and work with just those 12 presets, or whatever is just in my preset list, and not have to deal with all the remaining factory presets. It takes awhile to simply delete one preset when it should be instantaneous. Perhaps this has something to do with just working with the speed of USB1?

I don’t understand: when you create a new list with 12 presets (in the control software) and you upload it to the H9 and you set the size of the list in the H9 to 12….then you have:
1. In the H9 a viewable and scrollable list of 12 presets;
2. In the H9 a real list of 99 presets;
3. in the H9 Control software a list of 12 presets.
So if you edit a preset on the H9 itself and download from H9 to H9 Control you have a list of 99 presets, but if you do your editting things in H9 Control then you only deal with the list of 12 presets. I edit and tweak in H9 Control, and only have to deal with a limited preset list.