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Tim Zurowski wrote:

That’s how I had assumed it would wqork, but it does not work that way here for me. FWIW, I have saved the H9 Preset List to a PC. I have the H9 set to only scroll through 12 presets, which it does. However, when I save the H9 to a preset list, I can see it transferring my 12 presets, PLUS all the remaining factory presets for a total of 99. Then when I view that same preset list on my PC in H9 control, it shows all the factory presets after my 12. So when I delete one my presets, it takes a long time because it has to shift all the presets one spot. So how do I get rid of the factory presets from my prest list? Also, it would be useful to be able to select more than one preset (i.e. Shift/Click) and delete a group as desired. As it is, it takes a ton of time to delete a few presets from my list because it has to go through all 99 presets to make the change. If it was only 12, like you suggest, that would really speed things up and make it a lot easier. I must be missing something here, but so far it has not worked the way you suggest it should??

Yes, I think you are missing something 🙂

>>>> You can get rid of most of the presets not by deleting them, but by making an empty list in H9 Control and adding the 12 presets to it. Now how to do that?

I work with iPad, perhaps with PC it reacts different, but you can try this:

1. Make a new empty preset list in the H9 Control software

2. Go to your 99 pesets list which has only 12 you want

3. select the first of your best 12

4. go to the new empty preset list

5. click the Plus button (on the first empty slot) , the preset appears in the screen

6. Click “preset lists” on bottom of screen

7. a dialog appears, asking if you want to save the preset to position 1 of your new preset list, choose ‘yes’

8. go to you 99 presets list

9. select the 2nd of your 12

10. continue from step 4….etc,etc….

There you have it…..a list with only 12 presets 🙂

I would export that list, to have a backup.

So you can delete not by deleting, but by creating a new list 🙂