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Oops… my apologies.


So in the H9 General Settings there is an option called Routing. Under that there are routing options… Normal, Pre/Post, and Wet/Dry.


In Normal, for my case, I use it before the amp. Guitar to in and out to amp. Then I know that adjusting the output level of the presets is just that, pushing the amp a but harder as I turn up the output.


But now I am using it in Pre/Post, so guitar to input 1, output 1 to amp. FX Loop out of my amp to input 2, output 2 to my FX Return of my amp. This way I can use reverbs in POST and things like Phaser in PRE.


So in this case… does the output of each preset follow it’s Pre/Post setting?  So that in a PRE preset the output – when increased – effects that signal to the Amp’s INPUT or will effect the signal the Amp’s FX Return/Power Amp??


I hope it is more clear – and thanks.