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nickrose wrote:

Sorry – the software changes faster than we can print manuals. We strongly recommend that you always download the latest manual from the Web Site – this will cover this and other new features.

Note that MERGE should not be used with very heavy MIDI traffic, as it will slow the unit down.

To tell the truth I’ve read the italian online manual (today on the eventide site) and didn’t find anything about the merge option. I’ve just read the English version, and there was written something.

By the way, what do you mean by “heavy midi traffic”? How can I quantify it?

Now I’ll tell you exactly what I’m doing, so you can tell me if there’s another way or it is ok this way. At the moment it work great except for some 1-2 bpm error and less than half second of delay on preset sync, but no problem.

MIDI SWITCHER MUSICOM MK3 OUT ->  MF Midi In->PC 1->CH 1->MF Midi Merge->Space Midi In-> PC 2-> CH 2->Space Midi Through; PC 3->CH 3-> Midi In Whammy 5; 

Aux switch Tip/Ring/T+R to MF aux input  and Expression pedal on MF exp input; From MF i’m sending CC’s out on channel 2, where I’ve set the Space on CC’s receive on the same channel; this way I can use the aux connected to the MF for Bank+=Tip – Slow/fast= Ring – Taptempo = T+R (and the expression for parameters control ) to control Tap tempo and the Hotswitch (which corresponds to the Slow/fast switch) on the Space. 

This way I can control the bank of all the pedals with the Musicom as the Master and I can control all the useful parameters+tempo+hotswitch with the aux switch and the expression. I don’t want to control the parameters sending CC’s from the Musicom. 

Is this ok? Am I putting the Eventides in danger for overheat or something? Consider that I’d like to put a Timefactor in this midi chain in the future.

I think I can set a master tap tempo from the MF to the Space..maybe I’ll reduce the “midi traffic” but  is it worth?