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gkellum wrote:

autopoiesis wrote:

Can anyone speak to whether this is expected behavior for v5.0.1, or if I possibly ended up with a second-hand H9 that has hardware issues?

I believe there was a bug in 5.0.1[3] that caused this behavior, and it was fixed in 5.0.1[4].  In any case once you get your registration issues worked out, it would be best to upgrade to the latest firmware, and check if the problem is still occurring.  

There have been some cases where H9s aren’t saving their settings properly at shutdown due to a hardware fault, but try upgrading first and let us know if that fixes the problem.

Okay, the device was de-registered today, I registered it to my account, and I updated the firmware to 5.4.0[0].  Unfortunately it’s still behaving exactly the same way — it always forgets which preset I left it off at, and it never saves any of the System Mode settings (Source, MIDI configs, etc.).  I reset everything to factory defaults again, and I again tried powering the device on and off via different methods (pulling out the lead, unplugging the wall wart) — neither made any difference.  I’m seriously bummed that I might have ended up buying a lemon second-hand.


Let me know if I should get in touch with some other contact and take this off the forum, if there’s nothing that a public conversation about this could do to help others.