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gkellum wrote:
Marcel wrote:

Some other bug I found (I use H9 Control for iPad): In 'presets lists' and in 'presets' mode you have at top right of screen: 'more'. You there have the option : email. But nothing happens when you press that (this is the case in both modes).

I had someone else tell me about that problem but I couldn't reproduce it.  There were like 5 different versions of iOS 9.3.  So, maybe, it was specific to one of those versions?  In any case iOS 10 is out now.  I'll have to check if it's still happening in iOS 10.

As a temporary work around, if you rotate your device from landscape to portrait orientation (or vice versa) and try again, that might help.  The problem seems to be related to the iPad's orientation.

Just updated my ios to ios 10, tested it and it is the same in ios 10 : email doesn’t work in landscape mode and does work in portrait mode.