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I play the guitar. I like to play/develop and record my own compositions on iPad and place them on my Soundcloud page. I also like to jam along backing tracks (sort of rock/blues orientated).

A few weeks ago I bought the H9 Max. My setup now is:
Guitar > Boss GT 100 multi effects pedal (with Strymon Mobius pedal in the fx loop of the GT 100) > H9 > Yamaha Studio Monitors (or a Sonic Port interface to iPad when I record).

Good initiative to make the forum a bit more music orientated instead of technical! In this spirit, I boldly go where no-one has gone before 🙂 and present some real music with the H9 (i am a bit surprised i didn’t find some material of users, perhaps I didn’t search good enough, or perhaps it is forbidden, though I checked the rules….it doesn’t seem forbidden).
A few days ago I recorded this little subtle relaxing soundscapish instrumental with my new H9 at the end of my pedal chain: