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I may have a previous posting that I started that got away from my as they often do, so anyway where we go again:

I am a synthesist/guitarist a seemingly common pairing these days. I have five H9s’s in series between my guitar and either a Fender Twin Reverb, a heavily modified Marshall class 5 – there is a large mod community out there – or DI’d right into my mixer with a tube is solid state pre-amp. The amps are mic’s by a comprehensive collection of BLUE Microphone – I drank the BLUE koolaid and it was delicious 🙂 this is all in the midst of a large analog synth collection and large collection of rack mount gear consisting of more synths, H8000FW, GTR4000, H3000, 2 x Kurzweil KSP8’s, and 2 x Lexicon 300’s, various and sundry analog gear, and lots of patch-bays. As you can imagine this is housed in a mastering class project studio. My main interest is in ambient sound scapes, I should have had a career in it, I would have had a lot of fun in it.

My work with the H9’s usually follows the compression/distortion/harmonization/delay/reverb chain. Although mixing things around with great flexibility – as the H9 MAX is best known for – often provides surprising and novel results. I often like to start with the common chain mentioned above and see where things take me. Hours later I’m far from where I was and having a wonderful time of it. Space time is one of my favorites as it allow me to compress several often used functions usually dedicated to a single box and fre up the other boxes up without loss a some aspect of the soundscape I’m working on. Another favorite is to set all the H9’s to the same algorithm and the make slight adjustment to each instance and list to the sound swell with the added depth as successive instances of the same effect are added (multiplied?) by the next one in the chain