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While I have never had the chance to use an EVE/NET, and now that they are discontinued, If you have an iPad then I do recommend the Eclipse Remote app


As the name suggests, Eclipse Remote was originally written for use with the Eventide Eclipse unit, but was subsequently updated to support other Eventide models. I use it with an H8000FW and while there is a small delay when sending or receiving commands, due to the limitations of sysex data transfer (and i believe to some exrtent the way that the H8000FW prioritises updating the GUI screen) but other than that it works very well indeed. I find the delay slightly longer via wifi, but still acceptable as a compromise to purchasing the hardware EVE/NET (if you can find one now) but I usually first connect my iPad directly to my DAW using another app called MidiMux (since my router is downstairs) and for the most part it is quick enough to work with. If you need more info then speak to the developer of the Eclipse app and he can no doubt provide  more details.Hope that helps