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“Wow! You certainly have all your “ducks in a row.” yes  “


Well – I am originally from Oregon.  I needed a road ready system, thats easy to load on and off stage, is relatively light,  fairly tough, and easy to use.    It performed well this summer fair and rodeo season.    I have a little work to do before next year – like put a shield over the LCD on the GCP.  Mid afternoon performances in the sun kind of make it hard to see the screen.   I am also going to try a new compressor – I used a Keely 4 knob this year which was pretty sweet.  It will be a toss up between the Wampler Ego and Keely compressor pro.    The nice thing about the GCX and rack drawers is, it takes less than 10 seconds to change something out.

I will spend a good amount of time this off season to write, record and work on improving the pallet of H9 max sounds, and adding them to the GCP.  I have learned to appreciate that quiet time with the H9’s and a empty room.  Really amazing little hoober doobers, no doubt.  Thank you Eventide !!


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