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With Eventide algorithms, there’s another tactic to create ‘head stacking’ patterns.  You leave all four ‘heads’ active (on).  Then shift the DELAY GRP [QuadraVox] or RHYTHM [Resonator] to move the ‘heads’ themselves into different patterns.  In stereo, the ping pong delays will end up as dual mono stacks.

But the head stacking doubles up the echoes in a given pattern position.  Obviously, this works best for program patterns that have one or two ‘heads’ active.  All of these images in both replies here reflect the Dark Side Program 7 pattern [HEAD 3 + HEAD 4]. 


The DELAY GRP parameter (in the QuadraVox preset above) stacks PITCH A + PITCH B in the same head position, plus PITCH C + PITCH D in a second head position.  Below, the RHYTHM parameter stacks NOTE 1 + NOTE 2 at the 6th position, plus NOTE 3 + NOTE 4 at the 8th position.



The added bonus in the Resonator algo is that you can stack multiple filters in those same ‘head’ positions.