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Just checked your settings Brock. Great way to use the Quadravox and the Resonator! The Quadravox misses a feedback function so the pattern doesn’t get repeated (as you already stated). The Resonator comes more close. I have set the filter to B4 instead of B3 for brighter repeats.

I listened to the first clip again and the pattern of the Keeley (programm 7 of that pedal) is different when it repeats itself. The Keeley generates this pattern:

dotted 8th, 16th and then 8th, 16th, 16th (so the second repeat/beat is the 8th plus two 16th). The Resonator just keeps repeating the same dotted 8th plus 16th pattern over and over. I think because it is not in series??? Therefor it has a different vibe.  I don’t think that can be replicated with one H9?  So I am hoping for a series delay algo for the H9 in the future….