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Just a follow up… I have tried all the different approaches (with out added a mixer), I can think of (including the suggestion in the thread). All of them worked but so far I like the running an out to the amp from the first H9 in wet/dry and then running the 2nd H9 in normal.


For refence I am using a JC40. With running the wet/dry and normal setup, I am getting a little phase problem (the signal is sounding a bit notched). For those who are interested in the JC40 (it could be the perfect amp to pair with the ablities offered by factor and/or H9 pedals), I will say that the 10″ speakers are a bit forward and focused sounding. (This is compared to the 12″ speakers in a JC120). The phase issue only makes the 10″ speaker more hyped. I am planing on replacing them with Celestiog Golds. Having a good share of experince with JC amps, my intubation is telling me that the Golds will work very well to bring more sense of air. Pretty sure the phase issue will still be there but not sure to what extent. I am think about buying a phase alignment tool (Radial or Little Labs).

Just throwing that info out there for anyone who is thinking about this stuff. Peace