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dagjonas wrote:

Closes I’ve come is with the Echorec machine on my SA Nemesis. 

I got the H9 Max, but for delay I mainly use the Nemesis and for a decent envelope filter a Leaf Audio Proton, hmmmmm :-/

Then you souldn’t have any trouble getting that exact rhythm from the video from the Memesis? Looks like a great delay that Memesis. What is it that you miss from the H9 delays? I have a H9 an Axe fx and a Catalinbread Belle Epoch and don’t really need any more delays. But everytime I see a new delay pedal a still have GAS…haha. I am delay addict! I really like the delays in the H9. They sound good are versatile and they are so easy to programm. Only thing that is missing is a multi head delay algo.