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ogeva wrote:

I really hope someone serious in evetide reads this.

I didn’t sell the device after all. I like its sounds too much. I still think it’s a real failure to respond to this extremely logical demand from your audience, and I really failt o see how the company can be this leading edge in audio processing yet so backwards in basic day to day apps and understanding of the audience. Anyway, I am done bashing. I am willing to develop a control app for Android as freelance. Mind you, I have a day job running a software development group, so I will do this on my off work time with no deadlines. I also only care for the control part, not the store front. I cannot believe this is as huge task as you have described, I will just need the bluetooth api documentation. If Evetide are willing to pick up the ball, I’ll be happy if someone emails me about this and settingup the terms.


Awesome to hear that!  Good luck and I hope all the agreements work out and the coding will turn out easier and more fun than you thought.  🙂

There seem to be either too few musicians or too few musicians who can afford an H9, cause people have made the most outlandish apps for Android. It is simply inconceivable that nobody has taken care of Eventide yet ^^