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Given To Fly

I understand why Keeley described the pedal the way he did but its confusing. This gets wonky to explain over the internet but I’ll try. The downbeat is not acounted for on the Matrix, only the delays. So to get started, the first chord in the example (it is program 7) is coming out of nowhere. Then the subsequent downbeat is in the empty 4th box on the Matrix. I’ll try to demonstrate with numbers:

4|1 2 3 4|1 2 3 4|1 2 3 4

This is what the Matrix would look like. The Bold 4 is the guitarist playing on the downbeat. The 2 and 3 are supposed to be italized and represent the delays. (With all this technology available, a pencil and a piece of paper would still clear things up so much faster. surprise ) A rhythm of “8th – 16th 16th ” is ultimately what you get and is very clear at the very beginning of the song. The delay times should be an 8th note and a dotted 8th note. Other variations are possible and will get you the same result. Keep in mind every sound the guitarist makes, on purpose and on accident,  also greats those delays. Combined with the reverb, you get a nice ambient sound with a core rhythm of |1 2 3 4|. Whether it sounds like that or looks like that depends largely on what the guitarist is playing. Also, given the nature of tape delay, the delays might not be spot on the beat either. (This would be a stylistic feature not a problem with the delay pedal.)

Wait an minute, he is using 4 pedals?! frown I’m going to bed!